These are the tools I’ve used to “level up” to advance my career and myself. I put them here because I think you’ll find every one of them useful. Almost all of these tools are free.

What are you looking for? Productivity Tools, Influential Books, Website Development, or Investing

Productivity Tools

  • Macbook Air
  • Evernote - I use this for storing business ideas, todos, phone call notes.
  • Gmail - make sure you know the keyboard shortcuts.
    • Rapportive - know who you are emailing with - LinkedIn profiles, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
    • Yesware - see when people open your emails.
    • Authy - two factor authentication
  • Chrome
    • LastPass - one place to store all your passwords
    • AdBlock - no more bothersome ads.
  • Prezi
    • I use evernote for talking points / notes if I don’t have time to prepare for the talk and for panels.
  • Spotify - listen to great music.
  • Toastmasters - I was a toastmaster for a few years. Leveled up my speaking a lot!
  • Hootsuite - manage social media
  • Calendly - manage meeting requests.
  • Dropbox - manage files across devices, share with others, and collaborate with others.
  • Google Docs - I use Docs to write documents. I only use Word for printing / spreadsheeting.
  • Smart Passive Income Podcast
  • Camtasia - record and edit videos.
  • Audacity - edit audio.
  • Paper (iPad) - I use this for drawing out app and website ideas.
  • Shazam (iPhone) - names the artist and album of radio songs. Even integrates with Spotify for an easy playlist add!
  • Google Maps - I use this for GPS navigation and for traveling around foreign cities.
  • Google Calendar - I store personal appointments, reminders. It is super userful for coordinating with your Significant other. No more difficulties checking with so and so to schedule. Just share your calendars and solved. I also add 3rd party calendars, like library events and MSU Spartan sports schedules.

Influential Books

Website Development

  • Macbook Air - I used to be a Microsoft lover. It doesn’t matter as much anymore, but Mac is a superior OS.
  • Namecheap -for new domain name registrations and renewals. Previously I used GoDaddy.
  • Web Hosting
    • Heroku - hosts Node and Ruby
    • AppHarbor - hosts .NET code
  • Static Sites
    • Github Pages - hosts static webpages FREE!
    • Jekyll - static page generator
    • Sublime Text - Text editor
    • Grunt - Build tool I only use for 404 link checking. Everything else is on Gulp now.
    • Gulp - Build tool - Gulp processes LESS, spellchecks, minifies css, pngcrushes images.
  • Images
    • Inkscape - vector drawing. What are vector drawings? You can scale them to any size and keep it crisp.
    • Gimp - hard to use, but open source and cross platform.
  • Postman - for testing web services.
  • Curl - for viewing HTTP headers.
  • BuiltWith - see what technologies websites are using.
  • YSlow - to find out how to make pages load fast.
  • Pingdom - ensures websites are up and reports on them.
  • Google Analytics - amazing analytics on visitors.
  • Google Apps - for email hosting
  • StackOverflow - get answers to programming questions.


  • My bitcoin investing ebook How I am on track to retire in two years by investing in bitcoin.
  • Options House - for stock trading. I use them because of their great customer service and super low fees!
  • Coinbase - for buying and selling bitcoins.
  • Fidelity - for my retirement account. I have a ROTH IRA and a traditional IRA (rolled over 401ks) with them.
  • LakeTrust - high interest checking account